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How do I protect my eyes from the Delhi air pollution?

How do I protect my eyes from the Delhi air pollution?

My eyes are red, burning, heavy and itchy? Could it be because of the pollution?

These are some of the questions we are being asked very frequently, after the recent spike in air pollution in Delhi. The situation is most unfortunate. But here are some tips to decrease if not resolve the effect of pollution on the eyes.

First of all the pollution often causes burning sensation, redness, heaviness and itching of the eyes. These are broadly dryness and allergy related symptoms.

It helps to limit screen use taking breaks for a minute after 20 minutes of laptop, tablet, iPad related screen work. Looking at the screen for extended durations increases the dryness of the eyes as we tend to blink less often. Trying to stay indoors as much as possible helps too.

In case it still persists, you may need mostly lubricant and sometimes anti-allergic eye drops, best after consulting an eye specialist.

Last but not the least, a reminder, hydrate yourself well, it helps not only the eyes, but the entire body, wishing you best of health always.


(Dr. Mayank Bansal MD(AIIMS), FRCS(Glasg, UK), is a senior consultant in vitreo-retinal surgery. He was awarded the top rank in Senior Residency at AIIMS, New Delhi. Trained at UCLA, USA, and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow, UK - Dr. Bansal and his team follow best practices as performed in best hospitals of the world. )


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