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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

To make sure you have a smooth visit sharing Some key points:

Because of the complexity and thoroughness of the examinations, especially for Retinal Exam, please take out 2 hours of your precious time for completing your eye appointment:

Your Comprehensive Appointment

· Arrival and registration (15 minutes): Upon arrival at your scheduled time, you will begin the registration process

· An ophthalmic technician will initiate preliminary assessment (30 minutes) - prescription. of glasses and dilation of your eyes (45 minutes).

· Diagnostic Imaging Testing (30 minutes, depending on type of testing required): You may also be directed for diagnostic imaging testing (OCT, fundus photo)

· Your Doctor’s consult and eye exam (Approximate duration: 15 to 30 minutes based upon the complexity of your eye condition): doctor will meet with you for the examination, diagnosis and explanation of treatment, and to discuss your questions or concerns.

· Treatment (30 minutes): Based upon your doctor’s diagnosis, additional treatments may be performed at this time, including eye laser treatment


Always a pleasure to serve 🙏


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