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Comprehensive Guide to Cataract Surgery: Choosing the Best Surgeon, Hospital, Lens & Procedure

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Sutureless Microincisional Cataract Surgery :

Advanced Cutting Edge Phacoemulsification Techniques

What do we do in the surgery?

In this video we describe the typical steps of the surgery.


Considering cataract surgery and seeking comprehensive information to make informed decisions about your eye health can be daunting and challenging. Our guide provides valuable insights into choosing the best eye surgeon, hospital, type of lens, and procedure. Make informed choices for optimal vision restoration.

What is Cataract - Symptoms around it?

Cataract typically presents with gradual onset, progressive vision loss, accompanied with glare. Should we get it done - Indications for the surgery? Mainly vision loss, if you feel your daily activities are getting affected, and you are not able to see clearly, and there is no other cause of the vision loss - then yes. However, if you are comfortable with the affected eye, especially with glasses, there may not be as much urgency to get it done.

Cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy, affecting vision. While aging is a common factor, cataracts can also develop in infants and young children. Symptoms include blurred vision, glare, and sensitivity to light. As the condition progresses, it can lead to a gradual decrease in vision, impacting daily activities such as driving and reading.

Preventing and Managing Cataracts:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can contribute to preventing cataracts. However, if they develop, early stages can be managed with prescription glasses. As the disease advances or central vision deteriorates, surgical intervention becomes the primary option.

Choosing the Best Cataract Surgeon for you:

Selecting the right eye surgeon is crucial for successful cataract surgery. Look for a board-certified ophthalmologist with extensive experience in cataract procedures. Check patient reviews, testimonials, and ask for recommendations from your primary eye care provider.

Selecting the Best Hospital:

Choosing a reputable hospital is equally important. Consider factors such as the hospital's reputation, accreditation, and available facilities. Ensure that the hospital is well-equipped with advanced technology for cataract surgery. The gold standard of care for cataract surgery is phacoemulsification.

Understanding Cataract Surgery Procedures:

Learn about the different surgical procedures available. Phacoemulsification is a common and minimally invasive technique where the cloudy lens is emulsified and aspirated. Discuss options such as laser-assisted surgery for enhanced precision.

Laser cataract surgery delhi, india

Advances in Cataract Surgery make it possible to operate with less than 3 milimeter instrumentation using cutting edge technology.

Best cataract surgeon delhi

The surgery is a day-care procedure, with no hospital stay. Most importantly our endeavour is that you, your elder family, parents, must have a comfortable procedure, and good vision gain.

Providing access to high quality, best eye care,

Latest Technological Advancements:

Stay informed about the latest technological advancements in cataract surgery. Femto- Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS) - assists in making the capsule opening, and crack the cataract. After which we proceed with Phacoemulsification in the above manner.

AI-LenSx, Artificial Intelligence Based Robotic Femto Laser Cataract Surgery:

This technology uses artificial intelligence to make calculations during cataract surgery.

Zepto cataract or Zepto Capsulotomy Device for Cataract Surgery

“Zepto Capsulotomy Device for cataract surgery” uses a handheld disposable device to create a precise and strong capsulotomy. It is used in special cases like Brown Cataract, White Cataract, One Eyed Patients, etc.

Exploring Lens Options:

Various intraocular lenses (IOLs) are available, each offering specific benefits. Discuss with your surgeon to determine the most suitable lens for your needs. Options include monofocal lenses for distance vision, multifocal lenses for multiple focal points including near and intermediate vision, and toric lenses for cylinder or astigmatism correction.


  • Monofocal Distance Only (Glasses needed for computer and reading) : Acrysof IQ, Tecnis1, Aurovue, Natural HD, Hanita, Ultraflex

  • Monofocal with extended Depth of Focus (Distance + Intermediate vision; Glasses needed for reading) Tecnis Eyhance (J&J) U.S.A, Vivity (Alcon) U.S.A

  • Trifocal (Multifocal) (vision correction for Distance + Intermediate + Near , however, there are chance of Halos & Glare) eg. Panoptix (Alcon) U.S.A

  • Toric Lenses - Corrects for Cylinder Used when cylinder is 0.75D or more : eg. Acrysof Toric (Alcon) U.S.A, Vivity Toric (Alcon) U.S.A

Cost of Cataract Surgery in Delhi, India

The price of cataract surgery depended upon the age of the person, the intraocular lens chosen as well as the previous history of eye procedures. Inquire about insurance coverage and payment plans to make the process more manageable from the TPA / Insurance desk.

What are the risks involved?

Like any surgery, we are concerned about infection inside the eye, for which all sterilization and disinfection precautions are taken. We also want to avoid any capsular tear, although a possibility always exists. In which case we may or may not need a retinal surgery and may be able to implant the lens in same surgery, or at a later date. We will cover this in another video.

Final Words : Conclusion

While cataract is one of the most common, routine, eye surgeries done, it’s important to understand the eligibility for surgery, the surgical procedure, and potential risks.

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