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Surgical videos of complex Retinal surgeries 

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Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment

One of the most severe eye conditions, Retinal Detachment can be due to different causes, although among the commonest causes is break in the retina.

Such kind of retinal detachment is called Rhegmatgenous Retinal Detachment, which must be treated at the earliest.

While small detachments may be treated with Retinal Laser and injecting gas inside the eye.

Larger retinal detachments need to be operated surgically by scleral buckling surgery, or advanced vitreo-retinal surgical techniques.

While in the former, idea is to change to shape of the eye, so as to make the layers of the eye - retina, and sclero-choroid oppose with each other.

In the latter, the surgeon would use micro-incisional (<0.5 mm ports) to reach inside the eye. Which is followed by removing the vitreous (gel) inside the eye, and draining fluid behind the retina and re-attach it. After which the surgeon may inject silicon oil or gas inside the eye and laser the retina. Mostly the patient would need to maintain positioning post the surgery.

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